Horn Broadcasting Network

(HBN) is a private multimedia organisation, and it is the Somalia’s First Exclusively Digital Media TV, using digital and modern technology. Our headquarter is Mogadishu, Somalia with several offices and studios in Horn of Africa and across the world.

What does “trustworthy” really mean to us? HBN was established with the aim of cultivating and upholding the highest ideals in reporting the news with objectivity and fairness, as well as satisfying the right of the individual to be informed.

HBN as a news station is in response to the yearning of Somalis everywhere for a Station that will among other things carry:

News which can be verified with content that gives them meaning and truth.
Forums for civil exchanges and greater understanding of various viewpoints, with fairness in mind as our work is impartial and respectful of differences of opinions.

Give an alternative medium of communication to the other institutions, private or public and HBN policies will hold public and private officials accountable to the people.

HBN will accommodate opposing views.
Inform and educate the general public on every subject and how they are governed, as well as educate them on their civic responsibilities to the state.

Uphold the ideals of balanced reporting, objectivity, fairness and the right of the individual to be informed.

Committed to presenting the news with proven facts.
Airing divergent views, irrespective of differences and circumstances.
Airing news that affects Somalis.
HBN ensures the public be given a voice.
HBN will take enormous pride in its role of an unbiased, candid observer of events in Somalia and the whole Horn of Africa.

Our Values

Authority: HBN bases our work on research, evidence and the core ideals of journalism.
Authenticity: We are truthful and follow strict standards.
Transparency: We are open, honest and accessible. We Illuminate, not obfuscate, and admit our mistakes.
Fairness: Our work is impartial and respectful of differences.
Reliability: We are consistent — and can be counted on.

To inspire lives through media and entertainment.
To deliver content that is relevant to Somalis, and consistently offer a wide and balanced variety of topical programmes. The station’s ambition is to become the prime source of Somali news throughout the world.

Voice of society. To be fearless in the pursuit of truth and to be the voice for the voiceless.

Our mission is to shed lights, the darkest shadows and give the voiceless a voice.
To inform and empower people with accurate, in-depth and compelling content that upholds the value of truth and elevates the human spirit.

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