Israeli’s Secret Plan Comes to light

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a controversial document has emerged, causing significant controversy.

According to this document, which has allegedly been leaked, Israel has devised a plan to relocate the people of Gaza to Egypt’s Sinai region.

The document, reportedly posted by Wikileaks, alleges that Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence prepared the 10-page document a week after the Hamas attack. Some key details in the document include:

◇The plan could not have been created without the knowledge of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

◇ It discusses the strategy of moving Palestinians residing in Gaza to Egypt’s Sinai.

◇ Before commencing a ground offensive on Gaza, Israel would instruct the people of northern Gaza to relocate to the southern region, a step already taken by Mr. Netanyahu.

◇ The operation would then proceed from northern Gaza towards the south.

◇ The Rafah crossing point between Egypt and southern Gaza would be kept empty during the military operation to facilitate the movement of people. Tent settlements and cities would be established in northern Sinai to accommodate the Palestinians.

Initially, this document claims to have verification from Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence. In response to the document, Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has dismissed it as a conceptual exercise and an imaginary paper.

However, both the Palestinian and Egyptian governments have strongly criticized the alleged plan. Egypt fears that Israel intends to transfer the issue of Gaza to Egypt, resulting in the burden of hosting a large displaced population and causing further complications.

The British documents reveal that the Israeli Occupation formulated a secret plan in 1971 to forcibly relocate thousands of Palestinians from the Strip to northern Sinai.

Since the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) occupied Palestinian territory in the 1967 war, Gaza has remained a contentious area for Israel. The Strip’s overcrowded refugee camps have become strongholds of resistance against Israeli Occupation violations and aggression over the years.

According to British estimates, when the IOF took control of the Strip, there were 200,000 refugees displaced from other parts of Palestine.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) provided assistance to these refugees, who lived alongside 150,000 Palestinians who were original residents of the Gaza Strip.

In continuation of the Israeli Occupation’s aggression on Gaza, Israeli Occupation Forces have been conducting intensive airstrikes, demolishing homes and infrastructure, causing extensive damage. I

n response, Hamas’s military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, initiated Operation Aqsa Typhoon on October 7 to counter decades of Israeli Occupation aggression on Palestinians.

Conversely, the Israeli Occupation launched a military operation against the Gaza Strip, conducting a series of intense airstrikes in various areas.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the number of casualties has risen to close to 10,000 including 3,542 children, 2,187 women, and 21,048 wounded.

As reported by Hebrew broadcasting authorities, the number of Israeli Occupation soldiers and settlers killed reached 1,538, with almost 5,000 others injured. The end.

Mohamed Mohamoud Adde is an academic and a political Analyst specialising in offering expert analysis, insight and recommendations on Political developments.

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