Examining Dani’s Puntland

Unlike other regional states that have been actively collaborating with the federal government, Puntland, also known as the “Mother of the Somali Federal system,” has shown a lack of engagement during National Consultative Council meetings. Even the statements released by Puntland’s government indicate a lack of cooperation with the central government, leading analysts to believe that the leadership under Dani has intentionally hindered the region’s progress.

The political disagreements within Puntland have only grown deeper, resulting in significant losses for the region. In a country striving for democracy after years of civil unrest, it is crucial for Puntland’s authority to effectively navigate conflicting political discourse.

To overcome these challenges, Puntland needs to actively participate in political discussions and approach conversations with respect for different perspectives. Creating an environment where individuals can freely express their opinions without fear of judgment or personal attacks is essential. Open dialogue that encourages the sharing of thoughts and feelings without shutting down opposing views is needed.

Unfortunately, Dani lacks active listening skills, which involves paraphrasing and reflecting back what others have said. This approach ensures that everyone feels heard and understood, even when they hold differing viewpoints. Moreover, Dani fails to support his arguments with reliable evidence and facts, perpetuating personal attacks and unsubstantiated claims.

It is imperative for Dani to view disagreements as opportunities for growth and learning. Embracing diverse perspectives can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues. Puntland’s failure to encourage collaboration and find common ground has resulted in missed opportunities. Thus, Puntland must change its course and actively participate in the National Consultative Council meetings once again.

As the “Mother of Somali Federal System,” Puntland must set an example by promoting respectful and constructive behavior in interactions. This entails active listening and engaging with different perspectives. By leading by example, Puntland can create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their views.

Puntland needs to understand that navigating conflicting political discourse requires ongoing effort and commitment from all participants. It is crucial to foster an environment where everyone feels respected, heard, and comfortable, even in times of disagreement.

Although Puntland may have a wealth of experts, accurately interpreting the political climate remains a challenge. While other regional states are choosing collaboration, Puntland’s decision to isolate itself could have detrimental effects on the entire region.

It is of utmost importance for Puntland to reassess its approach and acknowledge the significance of active engagement and cooperation with other stakeholders. By doing so, Puntland can contribute to the overall progress and stability of the region. The End

Mohamed Mohamoud Adde is an academic and a political Analyst specialising in offering expert analysis, insight and recommendations on Political developments.

(His goal is to aid stakeholders in making informed decisions and comprehending the complex dynamics of political system in Somalia.)


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